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Do you guys provide a test mode? I'd like to be able to fake payments without paying so I can test my integration.

There is! Assuming you’ve integrated, you just create a (real) payment and leave it at that. Don’t make the phone call, don’t send a message. Then go to the Transactions page and select ‘show all payments’ from the dropdown menu. Now your payment is probably showing at the top of that list. Go to the details of that payment by clicking the link. There you have controls to change this payment into a test payment. After you’ve done that you can select statuses like ‘paid’ at will.

We’ll send status-requests to your report url as if the payment were real (if you have enabled reporting that is). Revenue for test payments won’t show up in your statistics. Sorry, no free lunch there.
One of my customers makes a lot of payments and now complains Zaypay stopped working for him. Why is this?

There are limits to the amount one customer can pay with a single phone per day. We need to impose these limits because of fraud risks. If we would allow infinite payments from the same phone, stolen phones would be a liability (for you as well as for us). Your customer is probably hitting this ceiling. The limit is adjustable on a per account basis, get in touch if you think we should raise yours.

I cannot choose USA, Sweden or the UK while these countries are listed in your coverage. How come?

Is your site approved yet? Otherwise you only see only a few countries.

For USA and Sweden you need to promise that if you use the API you use our instructions and show our disclaimer. Check the API Instructions setting in your Settings. For the UK you need to register at Phone Pay Plus and enter your PPP number in your Settings. We’ll check your number and you’ll be able to receive payments in the UK
I only have a few countries available, what's wrong?

Is your site approved yet? Otherwise you only see only a few countries. You might also be trying a payment with an amount that’s not supported in that country for that payment method. If you put your price setting in ‘full control mode’ this might become clear.

Why do I need to provide my banking details? I thought this was 100% free?

Zaypay is 100% free! The only thing we need you to provide banking details for is for us to payout your revenues when you request this. Don’t worry, we’ll never send you bills or try to take money from your bank account.

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