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Zaypay enables fast, flexible and secure mobile payments for digital content and virtual goods
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What is Zaypay

Zaypay makes international micropayments through SMS, phone calls, in-app and other alternative payment methods a piece of cake. Integrate our free micropayment service into your business today. Learn more

Why Zaypay?

Zaypay is free, secure, flexible and simple. Convert more customers, reach consumers in over 72 countries, enjoy greater payouts and reduce drop off rates by integrating with Zaypay today. Learn more

In-app billing for Android™

By popular demand Zaypay provides an in-app solution for SMS payments and payments by phone call for Android™. The fun part? It's one-click. Customers are shown the cost and click accept. Learn more

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Zaypay’s simple and reliable interface means we focus on the detail and leave you to focus on your business. Become a Zaypay customer and integrate mobile payments into any app, game or website today.

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