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The countries on the left are all the countries Zaypay currently supports. Clicking on any of the countries will list all the available pay methods that particular country supports.

Per call, per minute, SMS/text, how do does all of this work?

It's really not that difficult, just check the table below to get your head around the differences between the basic payment methods.

Payment method Details
phone per call Using phone payment methods the payment is made by calling a premium phone number. In the case of a per call one, the customer inputs a code and the amount is charged instantly. That's the advantage: hang up and your done. Per call lines can only charge a single amount, and cannot be used to charge any other. Payouts are typically excellent.
phone per minute Per minute phone lines are like per call ones. Except they charge a certain amount per minute, or really per second. Need to pay 1 euro using a 2 euro per minute line? Stick around for 30 seconds. Great for charging flexible amounts. Slight downside: customer needs to stay connected for a certain amount of time. Zaypay makes sure your customers dial long enough, no headaches there. Payouts are typically excellent.
SMS/text Customer sends a message, gets some back and has paid! Very easy. Has a fixed amount per message but usually there are several price points, and in some countries it's allowed to reply to the customer with a few messages, allowing for smart combinations (we take care of the smart part here). Payouts are somtimes perceived as disappointing, but that's due to the large piece of the cake the operators typically give themselves.

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